School Board Advances Process to Rename Mosby Woods Elementary School

News Release
September 09, 2020

On June 18, 2020, the Fairfax County School Board met in Forum and decided to move forward with the process to rename Mosby Woods Elementary School as proposed by School Board Members Karl Frisch (Providence District) and Karen Keys-Gamarra (at-large). The school carries the name of John S. Mosby, a Confederate army colonel. 

On September 3, the proposal to rename Mosby Woods Elementary School was posted as new business on the School Board meeting agenda. As outlined in the regulation, a one month period of public comment, which includes a community meeting and a public hearing, began September 4. 

A virtual community meeting will be held on Thursday, October 1. The community meeting format will include information on the school name and the process to collect community input. The School Board Public Hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, October 7 at 6 p.m. To speak at the public hearing, sign up beginning on September 23.   

Community members can also share input by emailing comments to
Once the public comment period has ended, the School Board will take action on whether or not to change the name of Mosby Woods Elementary School.  If the School Board approves the action, the Superintendent will bring a recommendation to the School Board on a new name(s) for the school at a future meeting. If the School Board does not approve action, the process will end. 

FCPS Regulation 8170 outlines Procedures for Naming School Facilities and Dedicating Areas of School Facilities or Grounds, the process for renaming schools and engaging the community.

Mosby Woods Elementary School is located at 9819 Five Oaks Road in Fairfax.