Peter Sagal to Introduce Word of the Week to Irving MS Students

School News
September 24, 2020

Irving Middle librarian Mary Ann Monk has introduced new words to students on “Word Wednesdays” for several years, but with distance learning in place, she decided to spice up the delivery just a bit. On a whim, she wrote to Peter Sagal, host of National Public Radio’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me radio game show, asking if he would agree to record himself introducing the Word of the Week (WOW). He graciously accepted and recorded his reading of the word “incumbent” along with the definition, part of speech, and usage in a sentence via a script supplied by Monk. Adding his own sense of humor to the recording, Sagal’s presentation is sure to be a hit with students and staff when it airs next week. Monk selects words of the week that are relevant to current events, reflect common usage errors by students, or words that have several different meanings. Contact Mary Ann Monk at