Olde Creek Elementary School Principal Wins Virginia PTA Power Partner Award

News Release
July 31, 2018

Dustin WrightDustin Wright, principal of Olde Creek Elementary School, has been named the winner of the 2018 Virginia Parent-Teacher Association’s (PTA) Power Partner Award. The award is given to one Virginia elementary and one secondary principal who have shown that a strong family-school partnership is key to student success. Wright was named the winner of the award for the Northern Virginia region in May. Olde Creek Elementary is a Fairfax County public school. 

John Hunter, Olde Creek PTA treasurer, says that Wright “is a dedicated, engaged, and caring leader who is devoted to the core value that every student matters,” and praises him for participating in every PTA family-sponsored event. “Dr. Wright’s energetic promotion of a caring and inclusive community has led to a significant increase in the number of parents and staff joining the organization. PTA membership has more than doubled. From 116 parents and 25 staff members, to 256 parents and 32 staff members during only his second year as principal. Growth in membership is a direct reflection of Dustin’s leadership, active PTA participation, and proactive family engagement,” says Hunter.

Parents turned out in record numbers when asked for input at his first State of the School meeting, where he shared his beliefs, values, teaching philosophy, and presented a future mission and vision for the school. Families have been drawn in by events like “Popsicles with the Principal,” and he rode every school bus route so that he could interact with students, greet parents at bus stops, and learn more about the students’ neighborhoods.  

Wright spearheaded a new parent-school communication process by linking the online PTA newsletter to the school’s newsletter. The new process ensured families receive one friendly and informative online resource, detailing timely information from both the school and PTA.

Wright was also named the 2018 FCPS Outstanding New Principal for Region 5 in June. 

He will receive the Virginia PTA Power Partner Award on Saturday, August 4, at Freedom High School in South Riding, Va.


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