Mount Vernon HS, Elementary Students Collaborate for Imaginative Illustrations

School News
March 03, 2020

artwork by elementary student and high school student side by sideKindergarten students from Riverside ES and Woodlawn ES have partnered with the Digital Art and Design 1 students at Mount Vernon High to create collaborative illustrations. The kindergarteners drew a self-developed creature and provided its name, what it likes, and where it lives. Each drawing was paired with a Mount Vernon digital artist who used their imagination to create a “best friend” for their kindergartener’s creature using Adobe Photoshop. The result was a new digital illustration showing the two best friends interacting in a digital world. Next, the Mount Vernon students will be 3D modeling and 3D painting the kindergartener’s vision to create a toy product based on one of the creatures, as well as designing and creating packacing.   The results of this STEAM collaboration between schools within the Mount Vernon Pyramid will be featured at the Pyramid art show on Thursday, March 26, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at Mount Vernon High. Contact Sally Gilliam, Mount Vernon High visual art department chair, at