Minority Achievement Club at South County Helps Prepare Students for College

School News
January 16, 2020

members of Minority Achievement ClubIn its fifth year of encouraging South County High students, the Minority Achievement Club (MAC) provides free tutoring, SAT preparation, and academic supports to help students get ready for college.  Under the guidance of MAC parent president Kidada Bivins and MAC program director. Vera “Woody” Woodson, the program has grown and developed talented students as tutors, mentors, and resilient learners.  During select Saturday sessions, students and parents are encouraged to participate in a targeted array of programs providing information that aligns with Portrait of a Graduate. “This program is definitely needed in our school; without it some students wouldn’t have these resources at home,” says principal Gary Morris. The proof is in the program, as graduates return to speak to current students regarding the college freshman year experience. “I’m proud I was a part of this program, it set me up for success,” stated Elliott Johnson III, currently a Hampton University student.  Students are also engaged in community service through the program, as honor society students take on the role of tutors.  The program success is summed up in one word by program director Vera Woodson, “Priceless!”  To find out more about MAC, contact Vera Woodson at vmwoodson@fcps.edu.