McLean HS Artist Named Finalist in National Portrait Competition

School News
March 03, 2020

McLean High sophomore Libby Eick, a Photography 2 student, was one of 15 finalists nationwide in the National Portrait Gallery’s 2020 National Teen Portrait Competition. Eick’s work was selected from among 629 entries around the U.S.  Her artist statement is below.

Fleeting Moments by Libby Eick, 10th grade, Virginia 
Libby Eick's portraitArtist Statement: There is constant movement in my house.  Phones ring, ovens beep and people rush in and out of the house all day long. The moment captured in this portrait, quickly past, is insignificant in my sister’s life and in mine. What makes this photograph special is that it captures and reflects who she is during a rare minute of stillness. Something as insignificant as putting on makeup to go to the mall can communicate both the mildness of everyday life and the extraordinary world that we live in now. It shows the chaos of our teenage years, and our slow formation as individuals. All of this is captured in a single moment, imprinted on film and brought to life by strokes of developer. How can one single moment tell us so much about who we are? Contact principal Ellen Reilly at