Madison High Establishes Peer Mentor Program

School News
September 17, 2018

peer mentors and foundation groupMadison High has established a new peer mentor program to provide support to the freshmen throughout the school year, pairing them upperclassman mentors. The program is designed to develop a sense of connectedness and engagement with all aspects of high school for the freshmen. Over 130 upperclassmen will serve as mentors to the freshmen throughout the year. The upperclassmen mentors learned leadership skills and how to develop positive relationships with underclassmen from Core Trainers, an organization that will model each activity the mentors will complete with their mentees and provide strategies of how best to engage each student. The program is chiefly sponsored through a generous donation from the Warhawk Foundation, founded in 2016. Mentors will meet with their mentees once a month, from September through February during Warhawk Time, a daily enrichment period. Contact news liaison Francesca Branson at