Herndon ES Students Get New Planters Table from SLHS Sophomore

School News
January 30, 2020

students with the finished benchSouth Lakes High sophomore Andrew built a simple sitting bench last summer for the fun of it. He then considered building an improved bench that he could donate to a worthy cause.  A few brainstorms later, he contacted Herndon Elementary garden lady Jill Vinson and floated the idea of creating a planters table. From there he played with design ideas, trying to incorporate the varying ages and heights of gardeners at the table along with the functionality of teaching, planting and collaborating at the table. The design was tweaked a few times as Andrew played with the height of the step, and then a shelf was added after considering the benefits of extra storage or space for materials. The final design is a two-sided bench that enables students to plant on one side (even the smallest students can stand on the step and reach the table) while teachers and Garden Grow volunteers can stand on the opposite side and help. The bench was Andrew’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years project, enabling him to finish the requirements for the IB Middle Years certificate.  Contact Herndon Elementary news liaison Laura Santini at lrsantini@fcps.edu.student with bench