Floris Elementary Celebrates Inclusive Schools Week

School News
December 15, 2016

students do activities simulating a disability or sensory issueTo foster a sense of respecting differences and provide students with the opportunity to see the world from the viewpoint of others, Inclusive Schools Week at Floris Elementary was full of activities encouraging students to incorporate inclusion.  The goal was for every child to feel welcome, safe, and included in the Floris community.  The Floris PTA designed an interactive program, Take a Walk in My Shoes, for students in grades 3-5, featuring a number of activities that enabled students to experience the world from the perspective of students with a disability or sensory issue.    In their classrooms, students discussed what it meant to include someone in an activity, how to use their strengths to help overcome weaknesses, and how to respect differences among classmates.  Functioning as a team, working together, and helping each other were stressed throughout the week.  Librarians provided classroom teachers with a selection of inclusion-related books to read to students.  Contact news liaison Dave Gerstner at drgerstner@fcps.edu.