Fairfax County School Board Passes Women’s History Month Resolution

News Release
February 21, 2020

The Fairfax County School Board passed a resolution in support of the observation of Women’s History Month in March. The Board voted on the resolution at its business meeting on February 20.

The resolution is as follows:


WHEREAS, March is Women’s History Month and this year’s theme “Valiant Women of the Vote,” marks the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote. We honor those valiant women of the past, whose struggle for women’s suffrage began in 1848 at a women's rights convention held in Seneca Falls, New York. Leaders Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott started a movement that would spread across the country. Opposition to the movement was harsh, including many suffragists being jailed, some locally at the old prison in Lorton, Virginia, in 1917; and
WHEREAS, Susan B. Anthony, one of the most known suffragists and honored today on the 1 dollar coin, traveled the country giving speeches to persuade people to support a woman's right to vote. Virginia's own Ellen Glasgow, an author, who won the Pulitzer Prize for literature, and is the namesake of our own Glasgow Middle School here in Fairfax County, was also active in the suffrage movement; and
WHEREAS, Alice Paul led demonstrations, went on hunger strikes, picketed the White House, and was jailed for her efforts. Her tactics helped publicize this harsh treatment of the suffragists and were a reason that, in 1920, the 19th Amendment was finally added to the Constitution. Despite this achievement, the movement continued, as barriers were created to make it nearly impossible for African Americans and Native Americans to exercise the right to vote for years later; and
WHEREAS, today, in Lorton, Virginia, a memorial is being built to honor all suffragists, especially those who endured harsh conditions, abuse, and imprisonment. It will be called The Turning Point Suffragist Memorial and will open on August 26, 2020. This area is also home to the Lucy Burns Museum, which has many artifacts and exhibits honoring suffragists; and
WHEREAS, as many of our students approach the voting age of 18 and look forward to casting their first ballot, remember that 100 years ago, casting that ballot would have been illegal for women. So let's remember their sacrifices and give thanks for Ms. Stanton, Ms. Mott, Ms. Anthony, Ms. Paul, Ms. Glasgow, and all the valiant suffragists, whose names you might never know, who won women the right to vote in the United States;
NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Fairfax County School Board, on behalf of the Fairfax County Commission for Women and all its residents, hereby proclaims March 2020 as Women’s History Month, and a time to remember and honor the countless women who fought relentlessly for the rights of all women in our great Nation.

For more information, contact the Fairfax County Public Schools Office of Communication and Community Relations at 571-423-1200.