Fairfax County School Board Adopts FY 18 Advertised Budget

News Release
February 10, 2017

The Fairfax County School Board has adopted the FY 2018 Advertised Budget of $2.8 billion, an increase of 5.1 percent, or $135.1 million, from the FY 2017 Approved Budget. The FY 2018 budget includes $44.0 million for a step increase of 2.5 percent for all eligible employees; an additional $33.2 million as part of a multi-year plan to enhance teacher salaries and make them more competitive; and $45.9 million for anticipated increases in health insurance and contributions to the retirement systems.  The enhancement in teacher salaries includes the value of a market scale adjustment, and the nonteacher salary scales also include a 1.0 percent adjustment.

“This advertised budget is a reflection of what we value as a school system and as a community,” said Fairfax County School Board Chair Sandy Evans. “Great teachers, administrators and support employees are the foundation of our excellent school system. Providing market competitive compensation, especially for our teachers, continues to be our top priority.

“The FY 2018 Advertised Budget focuses on two key priorities from the FCPS Strategic Plan Ignite: employee compensation and classroom resources. This budget proposal supports more than 188,000 students, nearly 200 schools and centers, and staffing of approximately 28,000 employees–9 out of 10 of whom are based in schools.

 “We recognize the need for fiscal responsibility and as such we are seeking support only for what we believe to be necessary to sustain the excellence we expect in Fairfax County. It is unfortunate that the Meals Tax did not pass, as it would have allowed us to fully meet the needs of our students and significantly reduced our reliance on property owners. However, without this revenue we must once again seek the support of our partners at the Board of Supervisors to ensure FCPS continues to deliver the high quality education our community demands.”   

The Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) budget relies on the Fairfax County general fund transfer to provide the majority of the revenue needed; this year, FCPS is asking the County to provide 72.2 percent of the total revenue needed, or an increase of 5.9 percent over the transfer received last fiscal year. This reliance on county funding is due to FCPS receiving less than half of the average state funding other Virginia jurisdictions receive.  Other Virginia jurisdictions receive nearly 46 percent of their operating revenue from the state while FCPS expects to receive 22.5 percent of its budget from the state in the form of state aid and sales tax revenue. Federal funding provides less than 2 percent of FCPS’ annual operating revenue.

Prior to the adoption of the FY 2018 Approved Budget on May 25, upcoming budget work sessions are scheduled for Monday, February 13; Monday, March 13; Monday, April 24; Monday, May 1; and Thursday, May 18. The School Board and County Board of Supervisors will have a joint budget work session on February 21, and the School Board will present its budget to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, April 4. The community is encouraged to also provide their voice to the Board of Supervisors, information about how to provide comment or testimony can be found online.

A list of relevant budget dates, along with updates and budget news, is available online.


For more information, contact the FCPS Office of Budget Services at 571-423-3600.