Fairfax Academy Students Learn Chinese Yo-Yo, Zither Skills

School News
January 08, 2019

instructor with student learning yo-yoFairfax Academy Chinese language students enjoyed an afternoon of workshops based around learning Chinese yo-yo skills and hearing music performed on the Chinese zither.  Chinese language instructor Ping Su invited her son and daughter to lead the workshops.  Ping’s son led the yo-yo workshop, beginning with a demonstration, then offering academy students the chance to learn and practice yo-yo skills.  The Chinese yo-yo is a popular sport in China; it is performed at festivals and competitions are held.  Ping’s daughter played the zither, then talked about the instrument, its meaning and purpose, and the difficult techniques involved. Guzheng is a traditional Chinese zither with 21 strings on the pentatonic scale. It is played with fake nails for sound projection; the player can vibrate and change pitches using the left side of the instrument. Contact news liaison Erin Molek at ekmolek@fcps.edu