Fairfax Academy Fashion Careers Students Complete Paper Dress Project

School News
December 05, 2018

students with paper dress designsIn Fashion Careers level 1, students at Fairfax Academy worked independently on the paper dress project, an annual assignment that challenges students to use only paper to create an entire design on a mini mannequin. Students drew Croquis (quick sketches of a live model) to help develop a design; finished dresses are displayed in the classroom for an entire year. Students also worked in groups to complete a multiple sketch and design assignment, then conferred in groups to discuss the work. Taking turns, they explained their inspirations and thought process from concept to completion. The instructor provided feedback as she walks around to each group. The project simulates a real-world experience, similar to presenting a portfolio to a company. Contact news liaison Erin Molek at ekmolek@fcps.edu