Exchange Students Learn About American Schools, Life at Madison HS

School News
January 27, 2020

students with their hostsWhat’s more American than a chocolate chip cookie?  A group of 19 Korean foreign exchange students learned to make the popular dessert during a recent stay with Madison High students and host families. The Korean students were able to broaden their understanding of school life and culture in America by attending classes with their peer host and living with their host families.  The student visitors spent three school days alongside their peer hosts, attending classes participating in many academic, social, and cultural experiences consistent with the American school day. In Gourmet Foods class, they learned how to make chocolate chip cookies. Members of the Student Government spent a class period with the Korean students to highlight what it means to be part of the student leadership team in the school. During this class period, the SGA also hosted a taste-testing of some stereotypical American food, such as peanut butter and jelly, Oreos, and Cheetos. The exchange students also attended a varsity girls basketball game as a way to be able to experience and observe extracurricular activities available to the American students. During the closing ceremony for the program, attended by host families and students, the Korean students expressed admiration for the experiences shared by the Madison community and their appreciation for the differences in the American and Korean school cultures. Contact news liaison Francesca Branson at