Driver Ed Students at Cedar Lane Learn Safe Driving Around Trucks

School News
October 14, 2019

students learning about safe driving around trucksStudents enrolled in driver education at Cedar Lane School heard from representatives of Virginia Tech’s Transportation Research Institute about safely sharing the road with semi-trucks.  They presented to all the physical education 10 classes about driver safety and the conditions that semi-truck drivers encounter.  The students were given statistics, shown videos, and provided with general information for safe driving around trucks including the no-zone areas, how to safely pass a truck, not cutting off trucks, maintaining safe following distances, and appropriately crossing in front of a truck as a pedestrian. The students then went outside and participated in stations to see firsthand what the safe distance between trucks and cars should be and how large a blind spot is for a truck driver.  Two vehicles and a tent were set up; the students took turns sitting in the truck and the driver’s seat, when they were asked to look out the mirrors to find three objects.  Cedar Lane students also were provided with overall safe driving tips. Contact news liaison Kaycie Hoffman at