Cunningham Park ES Students Challenged to Design, Build Using Found Materials

School News
June 02, 2020

zoom style collaboration of students and teachersThe Cunningham Park Elementary PTA challenged students to build either an animal or a building using whatever materials they had at home. This included blocks, LEGOs, paper towel or toilet paper rolls, cardboard boxes, newspapers, whatever they had on hand.  The only requirement was that they needed to be creative. After students completed their project, they were invited to attend a grade-level video chat where they presented their creation to other students, and told everyone a little about what they made using questions the PTA sent ahead of time, including an explanation of what they created, why they chose to build that item, and what special features it had. There was also open discussion with the students, with participating volunteers and teachers asking questions. The challenge was a big hit; students enjoyed finding out about each other’s projects. See a video of the challenge online. Contact Keri Mina at

student project done in Legos