Culinary Students Do the Teaching at South Lakes HS

School News
February 04, 2020

student explaining PowerPoint informationStudents turned the tables on their teachers at South Lakes High, designing and presenting a cooking class for faculty and staff members. Cynthia Stowers’ Culinary II students developed and held a class, which included instruction on making biscuits and pie crusts, healthy salad dressings, knife skills, healthy lunches, and how to saute a chicken breast and make a pan sauce. Instead of charging for the classes, students asked participants to bring donations for the South Lakes Food Pantry. In the healthy lunch lesson, Imani Irons taught about how food color can indicate phytonutrients with various benefits. She also explained which foods are more nutritious raw and which are better cooked. And she helped participants identify healthy alternatives to popular unhealthy choices. Level 2 students who shared their knowledge include Nicholas Hall, Charlotte Terhune, Anisa Mahamed, and James Ingersoll. Contact news liaison Emily Burrell at ecburrell@fcps.edustudent demonstrating proper cutting techique