Coronavirus Update - Distance Learning Plan

FCPS has developed a Distance Learning Plan for Continuity of Learning through the school closures of spring 2020.

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Distance Learning Plan for Continuity of Learning

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On Monday, March 23, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced school closure for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year. With this decision, Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is enacting its Distance Learning Plan (DLP)  to ensure students and families have ongoing, high-quality academic, social-emotional, and wellness supports. 

FCPS remains committed to creating learning environments that foster creative thinking, a culture of caring, and personal connections. Through the DLP, FCPS will provide students with diverse learning experiences that prepare them for academic success as teachers creatively challenge and inspire them with engaging and meaningful learning activities. 

Distance Learning Plan

A complete Distance Learning Plan is available.
Some families will be inadvertently receiving duplicate copies of the first learning packet in the mail. This was a distribution error that has been corrected. We apologize for the error. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have questions about the learning packet. - Instructional Services Department

DLP Timeline and Roll-out

Week What to Expect
Week of March 23 The DLP goes into effect with staff training and preparation, distribution of technology, and informal teacher check-ins with students.
Week of March 30

Families of students in PreK-8 can expect to receive their first instructional packet, with a focus this week on reviewing previously taught content. Staff training and preparation, distribution of technology resources, and informal teacher check-ins will also continue this week.

Week of April 6

Spring Break

While no new components of the DLP will roll out during spring break, families of students in PreK-8 can expect to receive their instructional packet for the following week on Friday or Saturday, as break comes to a close. 
Week of April 13 Teachers and school staff will have a final day of preparation and training on Monday, then direct instruction will launch on Tuesday for students in PreK-12. Students in all grade levels will have check-ins with teachers, take part in direct virtual learning, and engage with instructional tasks. Instructional packets for students in PreK-8 will supplement the direct instruction from teachers.
Weeks of April 20-May 25 Distance learning will continue with further developments of routines and shared expectations. 
Weeks of June 1-June 8 Distance learning will wrap up with review and culminating activities. 

DLP Considerations for Special Populations

The DLP incorporates intentional steps to ensure equitable access and appropriate instruction for students and families who may have unique needs and challenges. 

DLP Daily Schedule and Components

The DLP daily schedule for students will be shared by each school. The schedules have been built with the understanding that students have differing developmental considerations regarding screen time, attention spans, and independent learning. The schedules also include time for breaks for wellness and activity.

The DLP relies on a blend of approaches and resources to provide high-quality experiences for learners. 

  • Teacher Check-ins (schedule communicated by school)
  • Direct Virtual Instruction (schedule communicated by school)
  • Weekly Instructional Packets (mailed and posted to FCPS 24-7 Learning)
  • Video Channel Content
  • eBooks and Digital Resources (accessed from school webpages)

Go paperless! Choose to access instructional packets electronically via FCPS 24-7 Learning (Blackboard).

DLP Social-Emotional and Wellness Supports

The health and well-being of students continues to be a primary focus for the division. Through the DLP, students will be virtually connected with trusted adults from school and their peers. School counselors, school psychologists, and school social workers will be supporting students and teachers in the DLP. Additionally, students and families can access mental health support if there is a crisis of emergency during the time of the closure. 

DLP Caregiver and Family Resources

The shift to distance learning comes at a time when families are already experiencing a disruption to their routines and priorities. Caregivers will need to think differently about how to support their children. There are a number of caregiver and family resources available to ease the transition into distance learning.