Chicks Take Center Stage in Woodlawn ES Classrooms

School News
May 21, 2019

student reading to chickWoodlawn Elementary students in Quin Bergh’s kindergarten class and Megan Ardovini’s second grade class have been watching and studying eggs that recently hatched into adorable baby chicks.  In their science unit, Ardovini’s students learned about the life cycle of a chicken from an egg to an adult. Then they compared and contrasted that with the life cycle of a monarch butterfly, which they learned about earlier in the school year. The final part of the unit was read to a buddy, with their buddies being the newly hatched chicks, who proved to be great reading buddies. Kindergarten students discussed the bird’s life cycle and how a chicken changes over time, then read some nonfiction books prior to receiving their eggs. While they waited for 21 days for the eggs to hatch, Bergh reviewed what they had learned about the life cycle and students talked about the changes taking place in the eggs. Kindergarteners candled the eggs and kept a chick journal to record their observations. Once they were hatched, Bergh’s students enjoyed some quality snuggle time with the new chicks. Contact news liaison Melinda Burts at