Camelot ES Students to Screen PBL Films

School News
April 25, 2019

Camelot Elementary students in grades 4-6 will showcase their work at a screening of three films on Monday, May 6, at 10 a.m. in the Jackson Middle auditorium. These films are the culmination of Project-Based Leaning work they have completed in art, music, and language arts this year. Fourth graders read Perfect Square, then created collages using techniques they saw in the book. In language arts, they wrote paragraphs about their artwork and its creation, then reduced their paragraphs into poems.  In music class, they created original compositions that reflected the themes of their artwork and poetry. Fifth graders used emotion vocabulary to create original compositions in music class.  In art, they used the vocabulary as the inspiration for mixed media artwork.  In language arts they created poems that reflected the themes of their artwork and music.  Sixth graders created an exhibit for the Museum of Impact, an event that showcased people and projects working toward reaching the United Nations (UN) sustainable development goals.  In music class, they composed celebratory compositions for each UN goal.  In art class, they designed and sculpted monuments honoring their exhibit subjects.  Students nominated their subjects for special recognition at the PBL event.  Contact news liaison Barbara Bruhn at