Calling all Artists and Designers: Schoology Design Challenge

By Instructional Services Department
What's Happening
February 22, 2022
Create a design to fill the big blue field on the Schoology login page.
Schoology Login Screen

All FCPS students in grades PreK-12 are eligible to submit. Students may submit more than one design.

Artists may work collaboratively and submit their collective work as a group or they may choose to work and submit individually.

Any medium is acceptable for the original artwork. See submission requirements for non-digital media.


  • How does Schoology help you learn?
  • What does Schoology do for you?
  • The design should communicate one or more ways Schoology helps you learn. You can choose from the examples listed here or create your own.
    • Schoology makes it easier to continue learning at home.
    • Schoology makes it easier to find feedback on assignments.
    • Schoology makes it easier to communicate with teachers.
    • Schoology helps me keep track of assignments and due dates.
    • Schoology helps me share ideas with classmates through discussions.
    • Schoology helps me stay organized.
    • Schoology helps me connect with my friends from school. 
    • Schoology helps my family know what I’m doing in school.

Submission Requirements

  • Submissions are due by 11:59 p.m. on May 20, 2022.
  • The artwork must have a title.
  • If the artwork was done in a non-digital medium, take a clear, well-lit digital photo or scan it using a color scanner and save it as a .jpeg or .png.
    • Schoology Login page image size: 1420x1080 pixels @ 96 DPI, and the file size should not exceed 200 KB.
  • Submissions must be accompanied by a permission slip (see the blue box below) signed by the student and the student’s parent or guardian giving us permission to use the student's work.

Selection and Recognition

  • Students who complete a submission will receive a certificate of participation by the end of the school year.
  • A panel will review submissions and select one or more designs to be displayed on the Schoology login page.
  • Selection criteria will include alignment with one or more of the design challenge concepts (above), creativity, and quality of craft.
  • Selected designs may be cropped or image adjusted for use on the Schoology login page, but every effort will be made to maintain the spirit of the original work.
  • Students who submitted selected designs will be notified and will be credited on the Schoology login page when their work is displayed. 
  • A certificate of design achievement will be awarded to the selected designer(s) by the end of the school year.