Kathie Pfeffer-Hahn Portrate

Kathie Pfeffer-Hahn

Vice Chairperson and Trustee

Kathie Pfeffer-Hahn was elected as Vice Chairperson for FY 2020. Kathie was elected to serve as a Trustee for a three-year term in spring 2017.

Pfeffer-Hahn has been an FCPS teacher for over 18 years. She is an advanced academics teacher at Terraset Elementary and has taught at Colvin Run Elementary School and Forest Edge Elementary School. Prior to joining FCPS, Pfeffer-Hahn worked for seven years as an International Sales Specialist at Newbridge Networks Inc., providing sales data and commission information to finance. She worked for two years as an area associate at Apple Computer, Inc. She is working toward her Master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning and completed the Certified Financial Planner curriculum at Kansas State University. She also earned her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from KSU and her Master’s degree in Education Supervision & Leadership from George Mason University. In addition to serving on the Board, Pfeffer-Hahn also serves as the ERFC Ambassador at Terraset.