TechTITANS: Scout

A trait of digital learners: Digital Citizenship

The name Scout refers to a person sent out ahead to gather information about someone's position, strength, or movements. Scout reminds us to protect personal information and be good digital citizens on the world wide web.

The vortex behind Scout signifies the portal to the world wide web. This connects back to the orb in the Gumshoe poster that opens up to the internet.

The lock and chains draped around Scout remind us to protect our personal information and use complex passwords.

Scout also carries a shield signifying that we need to protect ourselves when working online.

ScoutUnique Traits

Scout is a proper digital citizen. He knows how to keep himself safe online by protecting his identity and using secure passwords, and he helps his friends to do the same. He values the intellectual property of others and gives them credit for their work.

Special Skills

Scout creates complex passwords and keeps them a secret.  He understands the importance of protecting his identity and is careful about sharing his personal information or that of his friends when online.  He makes good choices when working online.  When something doesn’t feel right, he exits immediately. He respects the work of others by citing the sources he uses.

Digital Tools

Scout regularly uses citation makers, safesearch settings in browsers, and age appropriate social networking sites, games, and forums. In addition to these digital tools, he knows to go to a trusted adult for help when needed.