Each Tech Titan was designed with embedded symbols that represent the traits and characteristics of digital learners in the 21st century.  You can read more about the each character and their symbols below.  They have three common elements:

1.  Manga Style - All characters are designed in Manga /maNG,ga/, a Japanese comic art style.

2. Wings - Each character has wings, signifying that technology opens doors for limitless learning.

3.  Cyborgs - Technology’s role in 21st Century learning is highlighted, with all characters appearing as cyborgs with pointy fingers, red bolts, and robotic, yet human-like exterior.

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The FCPS Tech Titans Google+ page promotes the use of technology for learning in Fairfax County Public Schools by sharing examples of learning supported by technology in action. This page is a collection of photos and videos from our FCPS schools. Its purpose is to seed and spread ideas and to celebrate learning. The Tech Titans were designed to help understand digital learners. Each Titan represents one of the technology standards for students and the traits and skills associated with that standard. Hashtags on the posts that appear in this community connect the example shown to the Tech Titan/Standard(s) most closely represented in that example.