Safe Routes to School (SRTS)

Helping students get physically active while taking cars off the road.

Outstanding Crossing Guard

The Virginia Safe Routes to School Program wants to celebrate crossing guards who make a difference in Virginia’s communities. Nominate your school’s crossing guard and tell us why your crossing guard is outstanding. Crossing guards  routinely help students cross the street and can include:

  • police officers
  • volunteers
  • teachers

All nominees will receive a letter of appreciation. Winners will be posted on the Virginia Safe Routes to School website as one of Virginia's Most Outstanding Crossing Guards of 2019 and will be included in the spring newsletter.

Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

Not all heroes wear capes: some hold a stop sign paddle and greet kids on their way to and from school. This is why we celebrate Crossing Guard Appreciation Day every February and recognize a few select crossing guards who are truly the most outstanding.

A good crossing guard can help start everyone's day off on the right foot, so let's make sure they get the recognition they deserve! Crossing Guard Appreciation Day is officially February 10, 2021.

About Safe Routes To Schools

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs help students get physically active while taking cars off the road. Over the past four decades:

  • The percentage of students who walk and bicycle to school has declined from 48 percent (1969) to 13 percent (2009).
  • The percentage of parents using Kiss and Ride has increased.
  • Traffic conditions around many schools has gotten worse making it more difficult for student walkers and bicyclists to get to school.

Originally a federally funded program, SRTS is now in schools in every state.  Safe Routes to School can:

  • Educate students on pedestrian and bicycle safety.
  • Help students reach the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity.
  • Help students arrive at school energized and ready to learn.
  • Reduce traffic around schools.
  • Improve air quality around schools.

About 30 percent of our elementary and middle schools take part in SRTS programs. The goals in FCPS are:

  • To increase the number of schools participating.
  • To increase the number of students who take part in safe walking and biking activities.

Student Travel Tallies and Parent Surveys

Each fall schools survey their students about their travel to and from school. Collecting tallies on an annual basis is a great way to track the impact of your SRTS program.

A Student Travel Tally is a quick, in-class survey that provides valuable information on how students get to school. For more information on how to conduct a Student Travel Tally or a Parent Survey contact the FCPS Safe Routes to Schools Coordinator.

Community Champions

Community champions are parents or teachers who lead the effort to get more students to walk or bike to school. This can be informal or a formal position in the PTA/PTO. The champion helps to organize Walk to School Day or Bike to School Day events. They can also promote weekly or monthly walking/biking programs. Are you your community’s champion for Safe Routes to School?

Middle School Safe Routes to School video contest winner!