TJHSST Wait Pool

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) Admissions

Additional students (beyond the students who receive unconditional offers of admission) from the Freshman Winter Round will be placed in a wait pool when decisions are released. The wait pool will be utilized, if space is available, in mid-July 2021 upon the conclusion of the summer round of freshman admissions.  If there are spaces available, students from the wait pool will be offered admission to the freshman class.  The number of spaces varies each year and depends on how many students decline the offer of admission during the winter round and how many students are admitted during the summer round of admissions.

All students placed in the wait pool will be notified when they receive their admissions decisions no later than April 30.  If an applicant receives a denial notification, he/she is not in the wait pool.

We cannot predict how many students will be admitted, if any, from the wait pool. In past years, we have always had seats still available after the summer round of admissions has been completed.