Military Families: Planning your Arrival to Fairfax County

Information on the registration process, required documentation, and excused absences due to deployment.


In order to enroll in Fairfax County Public Schools, our regulation requires the student and parent to be physically residing in Fairfax County.  To expedite the registration process for our military families relocating due to a change in duty station, parents may begin by downloading the required registration forms and fulfilling the necessary health requirements for their child (physical exam, immunizations and TB screening).    View general registration requirements

Please note:  For military members who are not living in Fairfax County but who intend to move into Fairfax County within 120 days, the Code of Virginia 22.1-3 allows for enrollment in the school division of the child’s intended residence if documentation is provided, at the time of enrollment, of military orders of the service member parent or an official letter from the service member’s command indicating such relocation.   The following is required:

  • Documentation indicating a permanent address within the school division, such as a deed, signed lease, or ratified sales contract, shall be provided to the school division within 120 days of a child’s enrollment or tuition may be charged, including tuition for the days since the child’s enrollment in school.   
  • The assignment of the school such child will attend shall be determined by the local school division. 
  • Transportation must be provided by the parent.  
  • Review of documentation and approval for enrollment is done in the Office of Student Registration.  For more information about this process for eligible military families who will be living outside of Fairfax County, contact the Registration Services Technician at 703-204-6756.


A student is expected to attend the school in the boundary of the address in which they are residing. This school is determined by your residence address. To determine the school your child will attend, go to the FCPS Boundary locator at:

Please note:  A parent or guardian of a student enrolled in FCPS may request a student transfer for his/her school-aged child (K-12) from the base school for the next school year during transfer season.   Additionally, upon request by a parent or guardian, FCPS provides for open enrollment of any student residing on a military installation or in military housing located within Fairfax County, if the school capacity and grade level capacity, at the requested school will permit.  Information regarding the application process may be accessed on the Student Transfer website.  

Currently enrolled FCPS students whose active duty military parent receives orders to relocate to a new duty station or to be deployed will be allowed to remain enrolled in FCPS tuition free through the end of the school year.   Please notify your student’s school registrar should this occur.  


Virginia now has the highest number of dependents of Active Duty.

Proof of Residence

  • If the family is living in the residence of a friend or relative, the homeowner or leaseholder must provide a notarized statement stating this fact. An affidavit for the homeowner to complete is available at the school. In addition, the parent must also provide an affidavit confirming where they are residing, that is also available at the school. Lastly, the parent must provide three official documents showing the name of the parent and the Fairfax County address of the residence where the family is living. Acceptable documentation includes a driver’s license, a bank account showing address and name, a pay stub, an insurance card, a tax statement or return, and a car registration.
  • If the parent(s) and student will become a resident of Fairfax County within 60 calendar days from the time of entering school, the parent may request approval for tuition free attendance during the time that the student and parent(s) are not residing in Fairfax County. Sufficient proof showing the intent to move into Fairfax County must be provided. Acceptable types of documentation include: a ratified sales contract, rental agreement showing move in date OR rental agreement showing when tenants will be leaving a homeowner’s home.

Kindergarten Registration

  • Students must have reached 5 years of age on or before September 30, of the current school year in order to be eligible to attend kindergarten.
  • In a situation in which a military child who falls under the provisions of the interstate compact has registered for kindergarten in the sending state prior to transfer, even if the child never actually attended kindergarten in the sending state’s public school, the student would be eligible to enroll in kindergarten in the receiving state (Virginia).

Required Documentation

  • If an original birth certificate cannot be obtained, the parent enrolling the student shall submit an affidavit (that is available at the school) giving the student’s age and explaining the inability to present a birth certificate. A baptismal record, a hospital record, a passport, or a bona fide record should be used as documentation in support of the affidavit. The principal shall enroll the student temporarily for 30 days to allow the parent time to present the required birth certificate or documented affidavit.
  • Students to be enrolled must be accompanied by the parent, court-appointed guardian, or legal custodian. The accompanying adult will be required to present a government issued photo identification card (driver’s license, passport or DEERS ID. Having legal custody thorough a court order is only one of the requirements that must be met. Nonparents seeking to enroll students shall follow procedures described in the current versions of Policy 2202 and Regulation 2204.
  • Children of military families, without documentation of immunizations, should be immediately enrolled and shall have up to 30 days from the date of enrollment to obtain any immunizations required.
  • Students are not permitted to attend school without documentation of a comprehensive physical exam performed within the 12 months prior to the date the student enters public kindergarten or elementary school. Transfer students entering elementary school must provide either a record of a physical examination completed prior to enrolling in the previous school or a physical examination dated within the last 12 months. The Code of Virginia does not extend a grace period for complying with this requirement and the compact does not waive the physical examination requirement for school attendance in elementary school.

Excused Absences Due to Deployment

  • A student whose parent or legal guardian has been called to duty for, is on leave from, or has immediately returned from deployment will be granted additional excused absences at the discretion of the principal. A variety of factors will be considered when making a decision about the requested amount of excused absences (i.e. during a state testing window). Please note: These considerations are made for deployment only as PCS related absences are not covered under the Military Compact.

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