Coronavirus Update - Daily Update - March 30

Coronavirus Update - Daily Update - March 30

Fairfax County Health Department

March 30

New Positive Cases: 37*

Total Positive Cases: 225

Total Deaths: 2

Health District includes Fairfax County, City of Fairfax, City of Falls Church and towns within the county. 

 * Daily reported numbers as reported by the Virginia Department of Health

Grading and Graduation

  • Following VDOE guidance, FCPS has decided that we will not be grading any work that is assigned while schools are closed.
  • We made this decision because we want to be fair and equitable to all our students, and we know that our students and families are all in different places with how they will be able to finish the year academically.
  • Teachers will be working directly with students to make sure all students can finish third quarter work and receive the grade that fairly reflects their understanding of the material.
  • Even though we won’t be giving official grades during fourth quarter, teachers will be providing feedback to students, so they know how they are doing.
  • Teachers will also allow students’ work in 4th quarter to positively influence students’ final grades for the year based on trends in mastery of learning (in accordance with FCPS Grading Policy).
  • Distance learning will be a new experience for all of us, and we encourage all students to reach out to their teachers and school counselors when they have questions throughout the rest of the school year.
  • The virtual office hours will be a great time to connect with individual questions.
  • Any senior on track to graduate will graduate in June. 
  • We know that there are many questions from our seniors, and we will do everything we can to work with each individual senior on their plan for graduation.

Food Distribution

View Complete List of Meal Sites and Times


Total Meals

 March 13, 2020


 March 16-20, 2020


 March 23-27, 2020


 March 30, 2020


Governor Northam

Executive Order issued today:



U.S. DOE provides initial approval to cancel 2019-2020 SOL Tests

  • Instructional packets are a core element of the FCPS Distance Learning Plan to provide continuity of learning for students through the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. Instructional packets will be mailed weekly to all PreK-8 students beginning today, March 30,  and will be available electronically via FCPS 24-7 Learning (Blackboard).
  • Parents can opt out of receiving printed instructional packets; the opt out form is available: click here.
  • Some families will be inadvertently receiving duplicate copies of the first learning packet in the mail. This was a distribution error that has been corrected.


Watch FCPS’ Beech Tree Elementary School student, Caroline, who is making masks for healthcare workers, as she is interviewed by WTTG anchor-person.

Whitman MS equips students for distance learning


School Outreach


Timber Lane ES staff meets online to begin our discussions to plan for Distance Learning.

Key MS Families

Thank you to everyone who picked up a laptop during the three distribution days. We appreciate your patience and enthusiasm about getting our students back to learning.

We distributed a total of 415 laptops over the past three days.

We will keep you updated on information regarding the Distance Learning plan for Key MS. Be sure to check the News You Choose as well as the FCPS and Key MS websites for Distance Learning updates during this COVID 19 health emergency.

Stay Healthy *Mentally *Physically *Emotionally

Gunston ES Virtual Visits

“Clermont Cares” Clermont ES

COVID 19 Web Links


Fairfax County 

Q and A

Can I opt out of receiving the printed learning packets in the mail?

Yes, the packets are available electronically in FCPS 24/7 Learning (Blackboard) and can be printed at home. Please use this opt out link to stop receiving the printed instructional packets in the mail. You will need your student’s ID number and your e-mail address to access the opt out system. Please note that it may take up to 1 week to process your request to opt out.

Why did I receive more than one copy of the printed learning packet in the mail?

Some families received, or will be receive, duplicate copies of the first learning packet in the mail. This was a distribution error that has been corrected. We apologize for the error. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have questions about the learning packet.

From the Fairfax County Health Department:

How can I get tested for COVID-19?

Testing is available through your health care provider. Please see the FCHD testing page for additional details.

What happens during a contact investigation?

When we learn of a case, we conduct a formal ‘contact investigation’ and find the people the infected person met and places they visited. This is the same system we use in measles and TB outbreaks. Anyone who we identify as having an exposure where COVID-19 could be spread is asked to self-quarantine for 14 days and during that time we periodically check up on them. If there are gathering places or events where, based on talking with the patient, there appears to be a risk of transmission, we will notify the community. Watch this video to learn more about contact investigations.