Meet the Author: Adam Gidwitz

November 14, 2019 · Audience: Students in Grades 5-8

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Author Adam Gidwitz has taught students in first grade, second grade, fifth grade, and high school. When asked “Are you a teacher who writes, or a writer who teaches?,” the author answered “…I am both, and very much so. And of course, in writing I hope to do the same thing I do with my teaching: to lead children to a deeper, more emotionally connected and integrated understanding of the world.”

He is the author of the Newbery Honor winning The Inquisitor's Tale, the New York Times bestseller A Tale Dark & Grimm, and The Unicorn Rescue Society series. In an interview with Voya Magazine, the author said, “I aim to engage readers on every level of their brains. So hopefully these books are for every level of reader.”


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