Planning Your Biking and Walking Event

Steps and resources for planning your school's event.

First Time Event

Ready to plan your first event? Check out these resources and then contact our Safe Routes to School coordinator. Be sure to read the community success story to see how FCPS parents, students, and teachers are participating in Safe Routes to School.


  1. Choose a date.
  2. Register your event.
  3. Form a team including parents, administrators, teachers, and students.
  4. Decide on the type of event.
  5. Emphasize safety.
  6. Publicize the event.
  7. Celebrate! Greet students as they arrive to school, offer incentives, or provide breakfast.
  8. Record your success. Take photos of the event; note the reduction of traffic around the school.

Keep the Momentum Going 

Some schools use the one-day event as a kickoff to help encourage walking and biking to school on a regular basis. Schools have had success with once a month walks or weekly walks.

Ways to encourage regular walking and biking to school:

Use the links below for ideas on how you can establish a culture of active transportation to school.