Important Information for Adult ESOL

Helpful information about the Adult ESOL Program

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must be 18 or older to register for our classes. (17 –year-olds may be eligible, if they can prove that they have completed high school in their native country or the U.S.  They should contact the FCPS Adult English (ESOL) Program staff directly to clarify.)
  • Adult ESOL Program focuses on serving adults who live and work within Fairfax County, county residency is not a requirement.
  • As part of the FCPS public education system, the Adult ESOL Program does not ask students about their citizenship or visa status when they register for classes.
  • Individuals with F1 or F2 visas are not eligible for literacy through high advanced classes. They can register for Special Interest Classes. 

Adult ESOL Program Classes

There are many programs in Northern Virginia that help adults acquire English skills.  Here are some points that we think make our program one of the best:

  • We use trained teachers, who regularly participate in required staff development to expand their skills and knowledge.
  • We utilize a curriculum that was created specifically to serve the needs and goals of adult English language learners.
  • We offer 7 levels of Adult ESOL classes plus Special Interest classes.
  • Our Adult ESOL classes are a good investment in your future, as most cost around $2.00 per instructional hour.
  • We integrate technology in instruction so that students have exposure to and the benefit of technology resources and tools.
  • We are part of FCPS, which connects us with rich resources and quality standards to support the instruction that we offer.

Regular Adult ESOL classes follow a lifeskills curriculum.  That means that students learn the English that they need to function as a worker, a community member, a parent and a lifelong learner.  They learn those English language skills in the context of topics like getting a job, accessing community resources, shopping, accessing medical care, and learning about American culture, history and government.  Students practice reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as develop their grammar skills.  All of this is integrated through a variety of individual and group activities and tasks that focus on authentic communication.

Prospective students are given placement tests to help place them in the correct class levels. Students complete assessments in all four language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking).

Can I bring my child/children to testing or placement?

  • No. Children are not allowed at testing or placement events. Children are also not allowed in Adult ESOL Program classes.