Needs based Donation Partnerships

Many schools have a continuous need for basic items.

What: Our needs-based donations programs allow a business or community group to provide students with needed items they might otherwise go without. FCPS Is seeking support for:

  • Food.
  • Winter clothing.
  • Health and hygiene items.
  • School supplies.
  • Back-to-School resource fairs.

Why: FCPS has almost 55,000 students who live in poverty (receive free or reduced priced meals). Food, clothing, and personal health and hygiene are basic needs, and in order for a child to be prepared to learn, we believe basic school supplies are a necessity.

Who: We're seeking businesses and community groups with the capacity to support these efforts with volunteers and financially. There are engagement thresholds to be an Ignite Partnership level Needs-Based Donation partnership – please see below to learn more.


  • Food (Fridays and summers).
  • Winter clothing (October-March).
  • Soap, shampoo, oral care items (June–September).
  • School supplies (June-September).
  • Back-to-School resource fairs (July and August).

How: A business or community group that can commit to a least 5 volunteers a week, or impact 75+ students, can establish an Ignite level partnership through the FCPS, Business and Community Partnerships team.

With fewer than 5 volunteers, we encourage you to contact a school near you. If you wish to ensure that your donations serve students in especially high-needs parts of Fairfax County, possibly beyond your neighborhood schools, contact the office of Social Work Services at 571-423-4300.

Requirements - Business or Community Group

Engagement Thresholds: to support a school-based giving program, especially one involving weekend food programs, we request that 5 employees or volunteers engage, or that you work to serve 75 or more students.

Time Commitment: We seek partners who can support at least one major giving areas, (1) food, (2) clothing, and (3) school supplies during the complete duration of that season's effort.  A partner is asked to commit to two full “seasons” of support.  If the giving area is not seasonal in nature and you are beginning after November 15, we ask for a commitment for the current and following school year.

CEO-VP Commitment: Because giving programs involve volunteer time and a financial commitment, we prefer CEO support but understand that in many companies and not-for-profits, authority can extend to the VP level.

Financial Requirements: There are multiple avenues for monetary donations. A discussion will help us meet your needs. In regard to needs-based donations, we have ways to grow your donation.

Establish an Ignite Partnership (5+ Volunteers Required or Support of 75+ Students)

Jay Garant, 571-423-1225.

To Work with Your Local School (Fewer Than 5 Volunteers)

  • Elementary School Contacts: Principal, Assistant Principal, Parent Liaison, Counselor, Social Workers
  • Middle School Contacts: Principal, Assistant Principal, Director of Student Services, Counselor, Social Worker, Parent Liaison
  • High School Contacts: Principal, Assistant Principal, Director Student Services, Counselor, Social Worker, Parent Liaison

Beyond Your Local School (Fewer Than 5 Volunteers)

Call the Office of Social Work Services at 571-423-4300.

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