Get2Green (Environmental) Partnerships

Environmental efforts with the schools.

Need to Know:

What: Get2Green is an established and robust environmental program. While focusing on environmental management and stewardship, Get2Green is also monitoring the success of the program's efforts on the specific Eco-School pathways listed below:

  • Urban Wildlife Habitat-Provide resources to schools building wildlife habitats.
  • Recycling-Provide resources to schools to increase recycling.
  • Energy Conservation-Collaboration with Cenergistic energy specialists to assist schools working on the Eco-Schools energy pathway.
  • Sustainable Food-Collaboration with golden wellness program, culinary arts, and Fairfax County Department of Health to enhance work on Eco-School sustainable food and healthy living pathways.

Why: Like our STEAM partnerships, many of our Get2Green programs use a problem and project-based learning model where the environment is the context for learning. Connected to our Portrait of a Graduate plan, real-world connections develop human capital as students use their content knowledge and 21st century skills to positively impact their environment. Get2Green was started several years ago by a group of principals meeting periodically to share information and resources on their successes in using the environment as a concept for instruction.

Who: We're seeking businesses and community groups with the capacity to support these pathways with volunteers and other resources. Because many respected organizations are already involved in our Get2Green effort, selected candidates may be paired with or asked to work within the guidelines of these organizations:

  • National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Eco-Schools USA.
  • National Wildlife Federation (NWF) schoolyard habitats.
  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation.
  • Fairfax County Parks and Nature Centers.
  • FCPS Service Learning (career-based community service).
  • Plant Nova Natives.
  • Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Management.
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Patuxent Research Refuge.

When: Get2Green activities primarily happen during the school year, from September through June. July and August are wonderful months for planning.

Where: Partnership activities primarily occur on school property when FCPS staff members are present and often during afterschool hours. We also welcome discussions of meaningful internships which may take place at another location.

Where our Get2Green program is already established, there are:

  • 100 registered Eco-Schools with 15 Green Flags, the highest award an Eco-School can achieve.
  • 70+ additional schools working on projects.
  • 90+ wildlife habitats.
  • 70 edible gardens.

Requirements Business or Community Group:

Engagement Thresholds: To support an Ignite Get2Green Partnership and receive support from the FCPS Office of Business and Community Partnerships, we request engagement by 10 volunteers or the support of at least 90 students. If your business or community group meets these thresholds, you are encouraged to work directly with the Get2Green team.

Time Commitment: A Get2Green partnership offers varied program elements and, as such, unique scheduling. Some elements will require volunteers engage for an hour or part of a single day, others a full day or days, while some will be year-long in shorter time increments. All options can involve service learning. While FCPS seeks focused, sustainable, and scalable partners, the Get2Green arena is one of the few where a smaller, short-term project can be appropriate, but our preference is a commitment for one full school year.  If beginning after November 15, we ask for a commitment for the following school year. 

CEO-VP Commitment: Because these programs involve volunteer time and the potential for financial commitment, we prefer CEO support but understand that in many companies and not-for-profits, authority can extend to the VP level.

Financial Requirements: There is the potential for financial support. A discussion will help us meet your needs. There are multiple avenues for monetary donations. Funding for materials, field trip support, and paid internships are always welcome.


To establish an Ignite Partnership (10+ volunteers required or support 90+ students), contact Jay Garant, 571-423-1225.

To work in our Get2Green arena (if you have fewer than 10 volunteers), contact Donna Volkmann, 703-319-2300, Program Manager, Environmental Stewardship or Ali Culhane, 571-423-4621, Get2Green Support.

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