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The mission of the Office of Communication and Community Relations (OCCR) is to provide excellent leadership in communications and outreach in order to support the attainment of student achievement goals set by Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS).

OCCR is dedicated to building and maintaining positive relationships with parents, students, employees, businesses, the community, and the media. 

OCCR coordinates communication with internal and external stakeholders via various channels such as publications, videos, social media outlets, community events, and more. In addition, the office works closely with media representatives to report school system activities and serve as a liaison in emergency situations.

Some of the office's areas of responsibility include:  

  • Business and Community Partnerships - FCPS has more than 300 business and community partners working with the school system on eight platforms: mentoring, tutoring, needs-based donations, workforce development, the arts, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts Integration, and Math), environmental projects and financial gifts.
  • Media Relations - Our director of news and information serves as a contact for media professionals covering FCPS and education.
  • Provide guidelines, resources and brand marketing assets that improve productivity, efficiency, and empower user engagement with our brand.
  • Video production support of our School Board meetings
  • Creative communication support of division-wide initiatives to educate key audiences, increase awareness, and promote a positive perception of FCPS.
  • Cable TV - FCPS provides news and a variety of original programming on its flagship channel: Red Apple 21 (check your local listing).
  • News You Choose - This service allows subscribers to receive email notifications and updates based on interest. A variety of topics are offered such as school system news, budget information, and the latest information from designated schools.
  • E-Notify (Blackboard Connect) - A part of the FCPS crisis communication service. Emergency, attendance and essential outreach messages are distributed via email, telephone and text. 
  • News Releases - Serve as an important component of the FCPS media outreach effort.
  • Website - The FCPS website is maintained by OCCR, along with an internal website for employee information.
  • Social Media - OCCR's outreach incorporates social media outlets such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Freedom of Information Act - OCCR responds to all requests for information made accessible under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

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