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We invite all members of the FCPS community to offer input regarding the skills, experience, and leadership characteristics needed to lead the work around equity and academics; as well as challenges or issues the next Chief Equity and Academic Officer will need to address. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and we ask that you only submit one survey response.

Your answers are confidential unless compelled to act otherwise by law. Only staff in the Department of Human Resources will be able to connect your name to your survey. Your answers will be summarized with those from other individuals and analyzed to find common themes across responses. These themes will be shared with the hiring committee to help them understand what stakeholders’ value in the next Chief Equity and Academic Officer. In addition, your answers will help form the criteria used to screen applicants and develop interview questions. We welcome your input now and are hopeful that many of you will share your thoughts. By answering the questions, you are agreeing to participate in the survey.

Please complete the survey by Friday, July 3, 2020.

FCPS is committed to serve every student by name and by need. The office of the chief equity officer examines the greatest opportunities to achieve FCPS goals and the policy commitments made as part of the One Fairfax policy, with a focus on raising student achievement, closing achievement and attainment gaps, and supporting equitable opportunities for all students.

The chief equity officer supports and leads efforts by FCPS to align actions around the shared value of equity by expanding perspectives, creating the space for courageous conversations, leveraging and building upon strengths, helping all staff to understand the difference between symptoms and root causes, challenging the status quo, clarifying and focusing attention on core purpose, and ensuring that FCPS does all that it can to unlock the potential of each student.

The office oversees the Ombudsman Office, special services, student activities and athletic programs, the Hearings Office, and admissions to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. The chief equity officer coordinates professional learning for staff and families and provides instructional leadership and support to ensure that all FCPS employees engage in professional learning that enhances skills and practices that inspire, enable, and empower students to learn.