Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities (ACSD) (2020-21)

State Mandated Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

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Please be aware that correspondence with ACSD members is subject to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This means that your correspondence may be made public if (1) it deals with FCPS business and (2) someone requests it.

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School Board Liaison

Rachna Sizemore Heizer

Staff Liaison

Michael Bloom, Director, Special Education, Department of Special Services


Connie Lorentzen

If you are unable to attend a meeting open to the public where you can provide public comment, you may submit your public comment in writing to the Office of Special Education Instruction. If you have specific concerns about your child’s educational services, you may contact Michael Bloom at

View additional contact information for the Department of Special Services

Committee Purpose

8 VAC 20-81-230(D)—A local advisory committee for special education, appointed by each local school board, shall advise the school board through the division superintendent.

2020-21 Committee Charge

  • Examine current FCPS practices regarding school-based compliance with special education procedures and practices.
  • Make recommendations designed to improve the utilization of Department of Special Services (DSS) resources to increase divisionwide consistency related to the implementation of special education procedures and practices.
  • Make recommendations designed to improve school-based administrative oversight of special education instructional programming and procedural practices.    

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Meeting Dates 

The ACSD meeting dates and times are listed below.  ACSD committee members will participate electronically due to the COVID-19 emergency. Members of the public are welcome to attend virtually at

Public Comment at ACSD Meetings During COVID-19 Emergency
During the COVID-19 Emergency, the ACSD will only meet virtually.  During this time, Fairfax County and City residents may submit a written, video or audio testimony by email to in English. A maximum of 10 slots are available, first come, first serve.  Please submit your written, video or audio testimony by 5:00 p.m. the day before the meeting. Written, video and audio testimony should not exceed 3 minutes in length.

Date Meeting or Event Information

August 17, 2020

5-6:55 p.m. Orientation
Orientation Agenda
Orientation Video Recording

7-9 p.m. Regular Meeting
August Meeting Agenda
August Meeting Video Recording
August Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2020

7 p.m.
September Meeting Agenda
September Meeting Video Recording
September Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2020

5 p.m. - October School Board Charge Recording 
5:30 p.m. - October Student Achievement and Student Outcomes Recording
6 p.m. - October Family Engagement and Community Outreach Recording
6:30 p.m. - October Policy and Regulations Recording
7 p.m. - October Regular Meeting Recording
October Meeting Agenda

October 26, 2020

6 - 7 p.m. - Policy and Regulations Subcommittee Meeting

November 11, 2020

7 p.m.

December 9, 2020

7 p.m.

January 13, 2021

7 p.m.

February 10, 2021

7 p.m.

March 10, 2021

7 p.m.

April 14, 2021

7 p.m.

May 12, 2021

7 p.m.

June 9, 2021

7 p.m.

2020-21 Membership

SB Member Representatives     

Liz Brocato, Braddock District-Megan McLaughlin
Lissy John, Dranesville District-Elaine Tholen
Brandon Cassady, Hunter Mill District-Melanie Meren
Meghan Gray, Lee District-Tamara Derenak Kaufax
Harry Henderson, Mason District-Ricardy Anderson
Phara Rodrigue, Member at large-Karen Keys Gamarra
Sanaa Bouzit, Member at Large-Abrar Omeish
Susan Edgerton, Member at Large-Rachna Sizemore-Heizer
Connie Lorentzen, Mount Vernon District-Karen Corbett Sanders
Mary Hackman, Providence District-Karl Frisch
Toby Latham,  Springfield District-Laura Jane Cohen
Mary Kate Ganley, Student Representative
Michael Simon, Sully District-Stella Pekarsky

Region Representatives

Vacant, Region 1-Douglas Tyson-Assistant Superintendent
Niki Zimmerman, Region 2-Fabio Zuluaga-Assistant Superintendent
Dena Sonneborn, Region 3-Nardos King-Assistant Superintendent
Rachel Macias, Region 4-Jay Pearson-Assistant Superintendent
Vacant, Region 5-Rebecca Baenig-Assistant Superintendent

Community Representatives     

Darcy Acquavella, City of Fairfax School Board
Sandi Dalhoff, Department of Neighborhood and Community Service
Vacant, Disability Services Board
Lynn Kiewel, Fairfax Co. Health Dept.
Ann Marie Ward, Fairfax County Council of PTA
James Gillespie, Fairfax/Falls Church Community Services Board
Vacant, Federation of Citizens
Linda Mason, Higher Education
Vacant, League of Women Voters
Brianne Russell-Morris, POAC-NoVA
Ally Baldassari, SEPTA

School Representatives

Vacant, Assistive Technology
Joanne Walton, Faculty
Vacant, Preschool
Vacant, Transition Services

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes