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School booster clubs and PTA/PTO groups manage a variety of fee-based programs that benefit students such as after-school classes, clinics and camps. The following resources should be reviewed when a booster club or PTA/PTO group wants to manage this type of fee-based activity. Information below does not pertain to other types of booster/PTA/PTO managed programs such as fun fairs, movie nights, fundraising events, etc. Those type offerings should follow guidelines in School Board Regulation 8420.

Regulation and Notice 8424

Be sure to check back to review changes and updates to School Board Regulation 8424.  Information regarding School Board Notice 8424 is provided below.  The Community Use Section will hold informational meetings several times a year on Regulation and Notice 8424 to assist booster clubs and PTA/PTO.  Meeting dates are provided below.

  • Overview of Regulation and Notice 8424

    The overview on Understanding School Board Regulation and Notice 8424 provides details on how to complete the ADM-24 Application. It will assist you in understanding the process, and how to complete the application.

Application Form ADM-24

Please review the following ADM-24 Checklist as it will assist booster club and PTA/PTO representatives in completing the ADM-24 form. The Application Form ADM-24 must be completed by the managing organization, and be approved before activity can begin. If an employee is receiving pay, forms ADM-24A and ADM-24B must be completed once the activity has ended.  Please Note:  ADM-24B includes calculations that create problems in Google Chrome and when using Apple and handheld devices. Please open the ADM-24B Form, using Internet Explorer or download from the web to your desktop, then open in Adobe Reader.

  • ADM-24 Checklist

    Assists booster club and PTA/PTO representatives in completing the ADM-24 form (provided below).

Application Form ADM-24

  • adm24


  • adm24a

    Booster Club, PTA, or PTO Managed Camps, Classes, Clinics, and Leagues - Financial Statement

  • adm24b_FY19

    School Support Organization Hourly Pay Reimbursement Worksheet for FY19

  • ADM24b FY20

    ADM24b FY20 School Support Organization Hourly Pay Reimbursement Worksheet for FY20 Per Regulation and Notice 8424 (pdf)

Please Note:  ADM-24B includes calculations that create problems in Google Chrome.  Please open using Internet Explorer or download from the web to your desktop, then open in Adobe Reader.

Approved Independent Contractors

Please check the Approved Independent Contractor list below for updates.  If you are an independent contractor and would like more information on approved independent contractors, please email us at

Steps to Become an Approved Independent Contractor

  • Complete FS-188 Form
  • Provide proof of insurance with 1 million dollars of coverage and list Fairfax County Public Schools - School Board as a certificate holder
  • Become an OEC (Organization Event Coordinator) in the CommunityUse scheduling system
  • At least one employee must have completed the FCPS HR background/fingerprint process in order to be listed as an FCPS Approved Independent Contractor.  All other employees of an FCPS Approved Independent Contractor, must complete the FCPS HR background/fingerprint process before providing services to students in an FCPS facility

School Board Notice 8424

Please review Notice 8424 below. This Notice contains information relating to employee compensation, participant fee limit, and procedures for Booster/PTA/PTO reimbursement to FCPS.

Activities:  July 1, 2018  -  June 30, 2019  Notice 8424 (Fiscal Year 2019)

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