Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee and Finalists

The finalists for the 2019 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee Award

quang nguyen2019 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee 

Quang Nguyen, Field Services Senior Technician, Woodson Annex – IT, Information Technology

Quang, who the field services team refers to as John, has been an admired leader in Field Services during his twelve years of service with FCPS.  John is highly recognized and appreciated by his supervisors, customers and colleagues alike for his technical and customer services skills.  In the past year, John has not hesitated to go above and beyond to research a hardware or software issue for our customers.  John often spends his free time working to understand the root cause of a hardware issue and quickly provides a workable solution which has drastically reduced downtime for his customers.  This has proven to be a big payoff as he has single-handedly saved FCPS tens of thousands of dollars by preventing potential hardware repairs that were unnecessary.



doug anderson2019 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee Finalist

Douglas Anderson, Building Resources Technician, Gatehouse Administration Center, Facilities Services

Doug is the consummate building resources technician professional.  “If he can’t fix it, it ain’t broke!”, said one of his coworkers.  He has reconfigured over 100 workstations at the Gatehouse Administration Center, saving FCPS tens of thousands of dollars from not having to outsource the work.  His design and build of these workstations provided a staff work environment that was conducive to efficient and effective business operations in support of schools.  He provides “5-Star” service after every project, following up with the customer to ensure everything is to their satisfaction.  In this and all his undertakings, Doug leads by example, inspires others to give their very best and unhesitatingly gives of his time to get the job done.



steven campbell2019 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee Finalist

Steven Campbell, Document Services Technician, Instructional Programs Support Center, Instructional Services

What separates man from the machines at the ISD Print Shop?  Not speed, not efficiency, and certainly not charm; it’s a mindset.  Machines don’t breathe compassion, kindness, or service.  They just are.  Employees like Steven Campbell bridge the gap between heartless machines and the hardworking staff of FCPS. Compassion, kindness, heart, and of course service comprise the parts of a man dedicated to serving others with the efficiency of a machine, but a heart big enough for several men.  Whether it’s serving local charities, being a single Dad to his two kids, or rushing a print shop order through for the students and faculty of FCPS...Steven Campbell shines.



yuris guzman2019 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee Finalist

Yuris Guzman, 

Business Operations Assistant, Gatehouse Administration Center, Human Resources

Yuris’ short time with FCPS has made a big impact not only on her daily Business Operation Assistant duties but also on the development and implementation of strategic initiatives.  For example, Yuris has led the management of logistics supporting the principal pool and maintaining the records related to the process.  She prides herself on her behind-the-scenes work, going beyond typical duties, and a passion to help others.  As her supervisor notes, “Yuris is kind, committed, compassionate, friendly, flexible, dedicated, patient, and knowledgeable.”  She is “unfailingly positive, responsive, and professional.  She handles every request with understanding, care, empathy and excellence” said a coworker.  What sets Yuris apart is the humility in her accomplishments and quick to acknowledge the contribution of others.



ahmed hillman2019 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee Finalist

Ahmed Hillman, Transportation Attendant, Stonecroft Transportation Center, Transportation

When you meet Ahmed for the first time you can’t help but notice his warm, contagious smile.  As part of FCPS transportation for the past 4 years, he prides himself on making life long impacts on his students.  In his current role as a special education bus attendant he goes the extra mile to make the student’s short time on the bus something magical.  From creating silly jingles for the students to sing along with to helping a student improve her reading level, Ahmed truly does it all.  He has never seen his role as a “job”, but simply an opportunity to make lasting memories that the students will look back on and cherish forever. 



frances robles kopecky2019 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee Finalist

Frances Robles-Kopecky, Administrative Assistant I, Willow Oaks Administrative Center, Special Services

As the administrative assistant to an office that handles interventions for crisis situations, substance abuse, gang involvement, cyberbullying, and chronic absenteeism, Frances is in the eye of a storm of emergencies.  But whether she is troubleshooting a failing database, registering students for a drug seminar, or taking calls from concerned staff and community members, she makes everyone she interacts with feel that they are her top priority.  Her practical approach to problem-solving and deep well of technical knowledge, coupled with her cheerful demeanor, are valued by her staff and colleagues.  “She’s our hub,” says her coordinator, “everything in this office runs through her, and she keeps us connected to each other and grounded in our mission to serve our kids.”



margery sabolsky2019 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee Finalist

Margery Sabolsky, Administrative Assistant III, Gatehouse Administration Center, Financial Services

Margery Sabolsky joined FCPS in 2017 after fifteen years of experience as an administrative assistant.  In order to better achieve the Office of Payroll’s caring culture strategic goals, Margery was hired as an integral part of improving customer service to FCPS employees.  Margery quickly took the office’s vision and combined her finely honed organizational and interpersonal skills to reshape the visitor experience.  Two years later the Office of Payroll is pleased to say that because of Margery, our vision for improved customer service has far exceeded our expectations.  In the words of one of our customers “I wish more public servants would be like her.”



sandy vigen2019 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee Finalist

Sandy Vigen, Administrative Assistant III, Willow Oaks Administrative Center, Chiefs Offices

Since Sandy started in the Office of School Support, it has more than doubled in size, and Sandy has effectively maintained a positive, inclusive, and productive office environment.  “No job is too small” is Sandy’s mantra.  From managing the budget to supporting staff who work in Project Momentum schools, Sandy effectively juggles her many responsibilities with positivity and professionalism.  One colleague commented, “Sandy supports a staff of 50+ people with such ease.  Whether it's a professional development we are planning for, questions we need an answer to, materials needing prepped, and undoubtedly all the behind the scene pieces, most of us will never know about, Sandy makes sure we have what we need.”

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