Excellence Awards

Recognizing Multiple Pathways to Excellence

Recognizing Multiple Pathways to Excellence

These awards celebrate the efforts and achievements of employees whose job performance produces exceptional results that support the mission and vision of FCPS. The Excellence Awards recognize multiple pathways to results by using nomination categories based on the school system’s goals.

Award Categories

  • Growth: Contributes to the development and/or improvement of programs, services, or curriculum; fosters staff growth, effectiveness, or professional development.
  • Impact on Others: Develops successful partnerships and outreach to parents, businesses, or neighborhoods; provides community services or service learning projects; displays outstanding responsiveness, customer service, or customer satisfaction.
  • Innovation: Contributes to efficiency or effectiveness through cost savings, creativity, or problem-solving; develops new ideas that show promise for a broad impact to FCPS.
  • Student Achievement: Contributes to student success by closing achievement gaps, measuring progress/using assessments, implementing interventions, or student engagement.

Nominating an Employee for an Excellence Award

Any FCPS employee may nominate an employee for an Excellence Award. To learn more about the program or to nominate, please visit our Excellence Awards page on our Intranet site (VPN access may be required).

2018 Recipients

Congratulations to the 109 employees were recognized at this year's Excellence Awards ceremony!

Growth Category

Individual Winners

  • Pam Hutson, Special Education Department Chair, Robinson Secondary School

  • Jay Levesque, Lead Physical Education Teacher, Chesterbrook Elementary School

Team Winners

  • Mason Crest ESOL Team

    • Brijana Anderson, Kimberly Mathews, Katy Padilla, Danielle Park

Impact on Others Category

Individual Winners

  • Katie Basinski, Social Worker, Mount Vernon High School

  • Bryan Buser, Multimedia Development Specialist, Gatehouse Administration Center

  • Sue Collins, Employment and Transition Rep, Willow Oaks Administrative Center 

  • Charlie Fontz, Head Librarian, Rocky Run Middle School

  • Lindsey Gera, Enhanced Autism Teacher, Bull Run Elementary School

  • Beth Werfel, School Psychologist, McLean High School

Team Winners

  • Men of Vision & Excellence Mentors

    • Simon Chang, Monica Charles-Williams, Robert Faust, Lisa Girdy, Tony Handy, Fred Kyle, Selwyn Lawrence, Galvin Morris, Jacob Perez, Michael Reaves, Joseph Schuler, Dwayne Scott, Alex Turner, Aanand Vasudevan, Traci Waller, Tiffany Welborn 

  • Military Connected Youth Process Action Team

    • Meredith Ayala, Dede Bailer, Kasey Cain, Becky Harris, Kristen Licciardo, Chuck Miller, Jane O’Hara 

  • Stratford Landing Special Education Team

    • Stacey Brooks, Becky Corey, Delilah Edwards, Chelsea Frumkin, Kristine Gunther, Agnes Kwofi, Brandt Lapko, Elaine McPherson, Kerri Moran, Monica Stratton, Brittney Valcin, Erin VanAllan, Philippa Vangelder-Hindman, Susan Walsh

  • Westfield Cares Team

    • Randy Allen, Tabatha Bragg, Francis Carragher, Amanda Dorr, James Hepler, Monica Kim, Kevin Mahan, Scott Thimons, Ellyn Whiteash

Innovation Category

Individual Winners

  • Keith Hudson, Network Architect, Wilton Woods Center

  • Kathleen Mathis, English Teacher, Annandale High School

  • Joyce Matthews, XSTREAM Programs Coordinator, Braddock Elementary School 

Team Winners

  • Chantilly Pyramid SBTS Team
    • Liz Caligiuri, Alison Costanza, Kevin Feighery, Pam Galietta, Leslie Leisey, Mike Lis, Tammy Ofano, Nathan Poumade, Margaret Sisler
  • Identity Management Team
    • Leslie Borkenhagen, Brunda Arepalli, Susan Armbruster, David Bennett, Jackie Chin, Jaye Cole, Mona Johnson-Phillips, Lesley Pang, Jim Siegl, Matt Watson, Tricia Zicht
  • MyTime Project Team
    • Allison Calderon, Meg Calderwood, Betsy Church, Ted Davis, Brooke Gustafson, Kathie Higham, Johanna Meadows, Melissa Russell, Tina Spille
  • Student Transfer Project Team
    • Dave Anderson, Robin Borean, Jessica Gillis, Lori Hershey, Jackie Hunt, Mark Quigley, Ken Rice, Keith Walker, Shane Wheeler

Student Achievement

Individual Winners

  • Mike Leonberger, Multiple Disabilities Teacher, Rocky Run Middle School
  • Nicole Marinucci, Mathematics Teacher, South Lakes High School
  • Juliane Wines, Third Grade Teacher, Springfield Estates High School

Team Winners

Any FCPS employee may nominate an employee for an Excellence Award. To learn more about the program or to nominate, please visit our Excellence Awards page on our Intranet site (VPN access may be required).

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