SBA Performance Evaluation - Organizational Management

Standard 4 of the school-based administrator performance evaluation program

The school-based administrator fosters the success of all students by supporting, managing, and overseeing the school’s organization, operation, and use of resources.

Key Elements

Examples may include, but are not limited to the following.

The school-based administrator:

  1. Demonstrates and communicates a working knowledge and understanding of division and state public education regulations
    and policies with regard to finances, school accountability and reporting.
  2. Establishes and enforces rules and policies to ensure a safe, secure, efficient, and orderly facility and grounds.
  3. Monitors and provides supervision efficiently for the physical plant and all related activities through an appropriately prioritized process.
  4. Identifies potential organizational, operational, or resource-related problems; deals with them in a timely, consistent, & effective manner.
  5. Establishes and uses accepted procedures to develop short and long-term goals through effective allocation of resources.
  6. Manages and leverages resources regularly to ensure fiscal, material, and technological accountability.
  7. Plans and prepares a fiscally responsible budget to support the school’s mission and goals.
  8. Implements strategies for the inclusion of staff and stakeholders in various planning processes, shares in management decisions,
    and delegates duties as applicable, resulting in a smoothly operating workplace.

Highly Effective

  • Is an expert in deftly handling procedural, contractual, and legal issues, which contributes to a supportive teaching & learning environment; fulfills all compliance and reporting requirements in a timely and accurate manner and creates new opportunities to support learning.
  • Leads and empowers staff and students to creatively, and efficiently prioritize the needs of the facility and grounds ensuring the best use of space and a clean, safe, orderly, and welcoming school environment.
  • Collaboratively plans, prioritizes & strategically manages the school’s budget & finances to maximize fiscal resources over multiple years while maintaining the integrity of policies & supporting continuous improvement of the school or division mission and goals.
  • Serves as a model in providing, utilizing & integrating innovative technological equipment, material, practices & other resources that support & extends learning for students, staff parents, & the school community.
  • Consistently and effectively establishes processes for the ongoing evaluation, monitoring and revision of management and operational systems, ensuring continuous, sustainable improvement of school operations in a timely manner.


  • Skillfully manages procedural, contractual, and legal issues; fulfills compliance and reporting responsibilities to the division and beyond.
  • Leads and supervises staff and students and monitors the needs of the facility and grounds to ensure a clean, safe, orderly, and welcoming school environment.
  • Collaboratively plans and manages the school budget and finances to ensure accountability for effective use of fiscal resources in support of the school or division mission and goals.
  • Consistently provides and utilizes division-assigned technological resources to support student and staff learning.
  • Effectively demonstrates proactive decision-making and coordinates efficient operations and delegates responsibility to staff to maximize resources and ensure the efficient operation of the school.

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