SBA Performance Evaluation - Human Resources Management

Standard 3 of the school-based administrator performance evaluation program

The school-based administrator fosters effective human resources management by assisting with selection and induction, and by supporting, evaluating, and retaining quality instructional and support personnel.

Key Elements

Examples may include, but are not limited to the following.

The school-based administrator:

  1. Actively participates in the selection process and assigns highly effective staff in a fair and equitable manner based on school
    needs, assessment data, and local, state, and federal requirements
  2. Supports formal building-level employee induction processes and informal procedures to support and assist all new personnel
  3. Directly contributes to the development and retention of highly qualified staff 
  4. Manages the supervision and evaluation of staff in accordance with division and state requirements
  5. Provides a mentoring process for all new and targeted instructional personnel, as well as cultivates leadership potential through
    personal mentoring
  6. Implements and enforces appropriate employee disciplinary procedures in a timely and consistent manner

Highly Effective

  • Solicits input from key internal and external staff in determining, selecting, allocating and utilizing the human resources necessary for present and future staffing needs.
  • Is an expert in building leadership capacity while also adhering to all legal mandates and division, state and local policies in selecting, supervising, and evaluating high quality staff.
  • Is an expert who understands, implements, and enforces appropriate employee disciplinary procedures in a timely and consistent manner and also enlists the support of HR staff.
  • Establishes a deeply embedded culture when implementing practices to induct & mentor new school staff by ensuring new employees participate in district programs such as Great Beginnings; ensures support employees receive mentoring and that mentors are supported in their efforts.
  • Serves as a model in professional learning by leading and engaging staff in continuous job- embedded professional development that ensures continued student growth and academic progress.
  • Actively support staff to seek new ideas for professional development SMARTR goals; promotes and engages in action research with colleagues to instill a desire to improve student achievement.
  • Embeds distributed leadership capacity by enabling administrators, teachers, support staff, student and parent leaders to assume leadership roles within the school, district, and/or beyond.
  • Actively attends to and supports positive working conditions which result in the retention of quality instructional and support personnel.


  • Consults with various internal and external staff in the decision-making process when selecting high quality staff who matches the needs of the school.
  • Is knowledgeable of, understands and follows all policies, legal mandates, and division, state and local standards in the selection, cultivation and evaluation of staff to ensure professional growth.
  • Is knowledgeable of, and understands, implements, and enforces appropriate employee disciplinary procedures consistent with division policy in a timely and consistent manner.
  • Ensures all instructional and support employees participate in and are provided ongoing support for comprehensive induction and mentoring practices that are deeply embedded in the culture of the organization.
  • Ensures that staff members are afforded opportunities for continuous professional learning and development that match school and district goals and results in student growth.
  • Consistently uses all available resources to support and improve individual staff performance and provides ongoing direct evaluation feedback that maximizes student achievement.
  • Develops capacity for distributed leadership and provides individuals with opportunities and support for assuming leadership roles within the school.
  • Takes specific steps to proactively support positive working conditions, which result in the retention of quality instructional and support personnel.

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