Impact of Middle School Afterschool Activities

Program Outcomes

Research shows that youth benefit from participation in after-school in a variety of ways:

  • Academic Support and Enrichment
  • Building Positive Relationships with Peers and Adults
  • Helping Develop Social Skills
  • Increasing the Likelihood of Participating in Positive Social Behavior

Outcomes are tracked and correlate with how often a student attends after-school.  The following statistics were collected from the latest annual surveys of parents, teachers and students from every FCPS middle school.

Teachers agree, or strongly agree for ASP:

  89% - offers assistance that relates to school day

  85% - feel well-informed about the ASP

  95% - offers meaning enrichment activities

  91% - students benefit academically

  95% - students benefit socially and emotionally

 Parents agree, or strongly agree for ASP:

   84% - satisfied with activities and programs

   91% - satisfied with days and times

   84% - adequate physical activity

   81% - has quality activities for their child’s interest, talents, or gifts

Parents agree, or strongly agree, for child’s experience:

   89% - enjoy attending ASP

   94% - comfortable with staff

   85% - seem happier/less stressed

   90% - have friends in ASP

   68% - have developed better work habits

   80% - better attitude towards school

   68% - doing better academically

When asked how they felt about ASP, students report:

   82% - enjoyed attending ASP

   90% - interesting, fun things to do

   81% - learn about new things

   84% - get help with HW

   93% - respected the rules

   90% - felt safe

   86% - adults happy to see them there

   78% - tell friends to attend

Line graph showing school connectedness as a function of afterschool attendance dosage