Middle School Visual Art

Art is where we learn to find creative solutions to problems with no one right answer.

Middle school art courses support a transition from weekly elementary art to a more sustained focus requiring students to develop as goal-directed and resilient individuals. Students have the opportunity to explore relevant concepts of transformation, relationships, boundaries, and roles while solving artmaking challenges. Students explore a variety of art materials, develop art techniques, explore artists and art trends, and use creative thinking skills to express ideas and viewpoints about personal experiences and the world.

Middle School Art Courses:

  • Art Foundations - Explore the theme of transformation while developing skills in a wide range of media.
  • Art Extensions - Refine and expand media skills while exploring the theme of relationships.
  • 3D Art Exploration - Challenge and break boundaries while exploring three-dimensional art forms.
  • Computers in Art - Combine digital and traditional artmaking techniques to examine the theme of roles.

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