High School Online Campus

Important information about Online Campus

Course starting dates

  • During the school year, teachers will contact students the first week of school and schedule orientations for either the first or second week of school.
  • After the second week of school, individual schools may request a rolling enrollment online course placement through the Online Campus when a student's access to a course locally is interrupted or unavailable. Examples may include an academy course transportation issue (student is missing instructional time), a medical condition precluding the student's ability to attend to a full-day on-site schedule, or in the case of a student changing course levels, an inability to schedule the student in the course change approved through the local process. Local school counselors should contact the Online Campus to discuss a rolling enrollment placement. Students approved for rolling enrollment may have to spend some additional time getting started in the online course.
  • During the summer, students will be contacted by the Online Campus Coordinator within two weeks of signing up for the course and the day before classes start by the course instructors.

Time Commitments to a course

  • Starting a class in September: An average student will need to work 4.25 hours per week to finish a full credit online course by June.
  • Starting a class in Summer School: A student will need to work 5 to 7 hours a day depending on the course.

Online “Chats”

  • Each course has a daily (summer) and a weekly (standard school year) one hour chat where students meet with teachers in a classroom that closely resembles a brick and mortar classroom, complete with breakout rooms, review games, student collaboration, short lectures, question and answers between teacher and students, etc.
  • During the school year we will adhere to the following schedule:
    • Monday: Health/PE, Adv. Accounting, EPF
    • Tuesday: English, Science
    • Wednesday: Social Studies
    • Thursday: Math
    • Tuesday or Thursday: World Language, TBD
  • During the summer, there will be a daily chat.
  • Teachers will poll students at the first meeting for the most accessible time. During the school year it will be in the late afternoon or evening whereas during summer school it will be during the day.

Course textbooks

  • Many of the Online Campus courses use online textbooks.
  • Teachers will assist students with online textbook access during the orientation process.
  • If a course has a physical textbook, teachers will communicate the process for acquiring hard copies.

Paying for courses

  • All FCPS high school students are allowed to take two of their seven credits online for no fee. For those taking an 8th (extra) credit, they will be mailed a bill in October addressed to the address on the student registration form. A link for credit card payments will be provided. Costs are $780 for non FCPS students, $680 for FCPS, $340 for reduced lunch and $68 for free lunch students.
  • During the summer parents will pay when they sign up a student.

Face-to-face meetings

  • PE meets at the beginning and end of the school year meet for an in person assessment. During the summer this is actually done on the very first and last day of classes.
  • For all non PE classes there is an in person midterm and final exam. These dates will be shared with students as soon as classes begin.

Technology Requirements

View the Technology Checklist for more information.

SOL and AP exams

During the school year arrangements for SOL and AP testing are made by your base school. See your counselor for more information.

If you have any questions, contact the Online Campus by email at onlinecampus@fcps.edu or by phone at 703-503-7781.