High School Visual Arts

Art education in Fairfax County Public Schools is a core discipline, essential to the growth and development of all students.

artworkThe sequential art curriculum for grades K-12 is organized in three strands:

  • PROCESS: idea development, planning, material processes, and reflection
  • PRODUCT: media, techniques, subject matter, content, craftsmanship, and presentation
  • UNDERSTANDING: art history, cultural context, criticism, aesthetics, and art vocabulary

The curriculum is designed to develop content knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • personal expression through art production
  • creative problem solving
  • recognition of the role and importance of art and artists in society, culture, and history
  • critical assessment of art works from aesthetic and cultural perspectives
  • technical processes

Art instruction in Fairfax County Public Schools provides an environment which offers challenges to all students, builds on individual differences, and provides means by which students may express themselves and develop positive self concepts.


Course Sequence:

suggested course sequence