Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment courses are taught at the high school by an FCPS teacher and offer college credit through agreements with a college or university.

The number of college credits the student will earn through a dual enrollment course is determined by the college or university. Students enrolled in a dual enrollment course may pay college tuition; however, because FCPS provides the instructor as well as the facility, the tuition is significantly discounted from what a student would pay if they took the course at the college or university.  Currently, the dual enrollment tuition for Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) is at no cost.

Students who wish to take a dual enrollment course must meet the criteria set by the college or university for admission into the course. Students enrolling in a dual enrollment course will work directly with their high school to register for the course. Students participating in a dual enrollment course through NOVA must be classified as an 11th or 12th grade student (there are some exceptions for 10 graders) and must pass the Virginia Placement Test (VPT) administered by NOVA or a substitute assessment such as the PSAT or SAT. Below are charts that outline options for meeting admissions testing criteria for NOVA. Meeting admissions testing criteria for NOVA does not necessarily guarantee that a student has met all of the prerequisites to enroll in the course.

High school academy sites and individual high schools determine if they will offer dual enrollment courses based on teacher endorsement requirements, existing course offerings, and student interest. Below are the FCPS approved dual enrollment courses offered in partnership with Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), James Madison University (JMU), George Mason University (GMU) and Shenandoah University.

Dual Enrollment Testing Criteria

Learn more about the NOVA Admission and NOVA Admission for Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses Testing Criteria.
NOVA Admission Testing Criteria

Dual Enrollment Test Locations

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VPT Testing Locations