Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)/Responsive Instruction (RI)

A multi-tiered system of support that uses students’ data to make decisions in order to provide high quality instruction and intervention.

In a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) framework, school teams make data informed decisions in order to provide high quality instruction. Some students will require additional academic, behavior, and/or social-emotional wellness support. Families are partners in this process and your child’s school will share information about his/her needs and progress.

Tiers of Support: Academics, Behavior, and Student Wellness

Three tiered triangle with the text "Tier 1 Core: Schoolwide" at the bottom tier with a green background, "Tier 2: Targeted Intervention" in the middle tier with a yellow background, and "Tier 3: Intensive Intervention" at the top tier with a red background. Academics, Behaviors, and Wellness are addressed at each tier.
The MTSS/RI triangle consists of three tiers. At all tiers, teachers monitor students' response to core instruction and interventions.

At all tiers, teachers monitor students’ response to core instruction and interventions.

Tier 1 - All students receive:

  • Evidence-based, high quality core instruction
  • Differentiated instruction and additional support as needed

Tier 2 - Some students receive:

  • Small group targeted intervention in addition to high quality core instruction

Tier 3 - Few students receive:

  • Intensive intervention in area(s) of need in addition to high quality core instruction

Key Components of MTSS/RI

  • Collective Responsibility: Belief that all students will achieve high levels of learning
  • High Quality Core Instruction: Instruction in academics, behavior, and wellness
  • Monitoring Student Progress: Practice of  reviewing students’ data over time to evaluate progress
  • Data Informed Decision-Making Across the Tiers: Decisions based on data to inform instruction
  • Early Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions: Provision of timely support
  • Family, School, and Community Partnership: Active partnerships to ensure student success

Parental Help

Family involvement has a positive impact on student achievement.

  • Talk with your child’s teacher
  • Encourage your child’s participation in class
  • Review and talk about schoolwork and what your child is learning and doing
  • Celebrate successes
  • Be knowledgeable about your child’s progress
  • Be aware of schoolwide communications

If you have questions about MTSS/RI, please contact your child’s teacher with further questions.

If at any time you suspect your child has a disability, you have the right to make a referral to the Local Screening Committee. Visit for information.