Portrait of a Graduate Family Resources

Support your student in becoming a Portrait of a Graduate!

Developing Portrait of a Graduate (PoG) attributes is a high priority for FCPS. While still focusing on academics, the Portrait of a Graduate also allows FCPS to move beyond the high-stakes testing environment and develop the skills in our students that employers are seeking for their workforce.

A goal of FCPS is to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate learning in more authentic ways. Teachers in FCPS are enhancing learning opportunities to include the attributes of Communicator, Collaborator, Ethical and Global Citizen, Creative and Critical Thinker, and Goal-Directed and Resilient Individual.

icons that represent the Portrait of a Graduate attributes: communicator, collaborator, ethical and global citizen, creative and critical thinker, and goal directed and resilient

How can schools and families intentionally and purposefully partner together and prepare students for this rapidly changing, increasingly diverse, and interconnected world?

To learn more about the Portrait of a Graduate attributes and how you can support your students at home, visit the grade level parent resource pages:

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