Student Rights and Responsibilities Introduction

A Guide for Families

We have created the Student Rights & Responsibilities, A Guide for Families to assist you in your efforts to help your child understand the rules and expectations in school, which affects students going to or returning from school, and at school-sponsored activities.  Students will receive a shortened version that is appropriate for their age, and teachers will review the rules with them during the first weeks of school.  We encourage you to discuss those rules and this document with your child.  For your convenience, the entire booklet, including links to referenced regulations, can be found online at 
A complete copy of the regulation regarding discipline is included in the Appendix.  If you have questions about any of the information, please do not hesitate to talk with your child’s teacher or principal. 

Your child’s behavior impacts academic success and school safety.  Please read this guide.  Discuss it with your child. 

Parents are essential partners in helping their children learn how to exhibit self-control and respect, make ethical choices, and be accountable for their actions.

This family guide is a supplementary tool intended to summarize policies, regulations, and procedures as they existed at publication and which are subject to change without notice.  The Board of Education and FCPS reserve the right to enforce changes immediately.  In any dispute, the official regulation in effect at the time of an incident will govern and will supersede the language in this guide. 

The current regulations and policies can be found at 

The Mission

Fairfax County Public Schools inspires and empowers students to meet high academic standards, lead ethical lives, and be responsible and innovative global citizens.

Our Beliefs 

  • Each student is entitled to an excellent education that meets his or her individual needs.

  • We thrive in a vibrant, healthful, safe, enriching, and respectful environment.

  • Families play a fundamental role in their children’s education.

  • Our diversity is a strength that creates resilient, open, and innovative global citizens.

  • High expectations inspire high performance.

  • Self-motivation and personal responsibility are keys to future success.

The Student Rights and Responsibilities document conveys the expectations for student behavior in our schools so that all students can experience a conducive learning environment.