School Board State and Federal Legislative Program

Focusing on the future of education

The School Board annually adopts a legislative program to inform public officials and others of its positions on legislative policy issues of importance to the Fairfax County Public Schools. The program contains the School Board’s positions on state and federal issues of major and current significance. To help bring some focus to the most critical issues facing FCPS, the Board has identified a subset of these program positions as ”priorities.”

Fairfax County School Board 2018 Priority Positions

Providing Adequate State Support for Public Education

State funding for public elementary and secondary education should adequately and appropriately support quality programs for all students in the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth should fairly share responsibility with each local school board for the true costs of implementing a high quality program of instruction. This includes fair, equitable, and up-to-date state funding distribution formulas, including the Local Composite Index (LCI), that accurately reflect local ability to pay, revenue generation capacity, local cost of living, local salary costs, and the particular resource needs of local school divisions. To this end, the Fairfax County School Board supports:

  • Fully funding the biennial re-benchmark of Direct Aid to Public Education;
  • Completing the restoration of the Cost of Competing adjustment for support positions;
  • Targeted funding supprt for schools and school divisions with high concentrations or numbers of students in poverty, English learners, and students receiving special education services;
  • Funding support for the true costs of increasing teacher and support position salaries; and,
  • Eliminating the support position funding cap (or at least shifting positions out from under the cap).

Preserving Local School Board Authority and Flexibility

Ultimate decisions regarding appropriate policy or school governance interventions to address instructional and operational issues should remain with local school boards, as made in collaboration with parents and the local community. To this end, the Fairfax County School Board supports:

  • Ensuring students have the ability to explore career interests and post-secondary opportunities with multiple pathways to earn a diploma, including increasing the number of rigorous high school elective courses that can substitute for graduation requirements in related content areas;
  • Continuing to reduce the number of mandated assessments and the impact of those assessments on students, teachers, and schools through a balanced system which informs instruction, including expanded use of locally-administered performance-based assessments and additional opportunities to use nationally and internationally benchmarked assessments as substitutes for mandated assessments;
  • Accommodating English learners through the expanded use of performance-based assessments and competency provisions for industry credentials, as well as adjustments to how English learners are incorporated into Graduation and Completion Index cohorts, to more appropriately reflect the academic achievement and progress of these students; and,
  • Implementing programs to help attract and retain a high quality, diverse workforce, including increased flexibility in teacher licensure for individuals with relevant content knowledge or work experiences, and reconsideration of non-instructional licensure requirements.

School Board Legislative Liaisons